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Welcome to our sales page for our new TradingView assistant
We are excited to introduce our innovative tool that makes trading operations easier
Our assistant offers three key features to improve your trading results

  • Import and export of parameters: This feature allows you to easily import and export the best indicator and strategy settings, saving you time and optimizing your trading results
  • You can also share your settings with other traders to exchange ideas and tips
  • Importing the best performing settings for your indicators and strategies will save you valuable time, as you no longer have to manually configure them
  • Additionally, you can share these settings with other traders to exchange ideas and tips, allowing you to discover new strategies and further optimize your trading results
  • Automatic optimizations: This feature allows you to launch automatic optimizations to find the best results and parameters
  • You can select the parameters to be tested automatically, which will save you from spending hours manually searching for the best options
  • Use Auto HeatMap to quickly visualize top-performing results of your strategy using key criteria such as profit factor, Sharpe ratio, profitability percentage, net profit, number of trades, and drawdown
  • This will also enable you to discover trading opportunities that you may not have noticed otherwise
  • Automatic optimizations allow you to test different parameters in an automated manner, saving you from spending hours manually configuring them
  • This will allow you to discover trading opportunities that you may not have noticed otherwise and further optimize your trading results
  • In summary, our assistant allows you to save time and optimize your trading results with innovative features such as importing and exporting settings, automatic optimizations, and integration with Metatrader
  • Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our offers and how our tool can help you achieve your trading goals
  • On our website, you can learn more about these features, as well as the benefits of our assistant

We also provide screenshots and demonstration videos to show you how to use our tool
You can also contact us for any questions or for more information on our offers and how our tool can help you achieve your trading goals


More than you will expect.

  • Import and export your strategy and indicator settings and save time
  • Deploy your favorite strategies quickly without wasting time configuring them
  • Compatible with all types of form fields: special fields, checkboxes, comboboxes, date and time, numbers, and text
  • Optimize your trading results by sharing your settings with other traders
  • Discover new strategies by exchanging ideas with other traders
  • Simplify your trading process by using preconfigured settings
  • Discover trading opportunities you wouldn't have noticed otherwise
  • Select the fields to optimize in your indicator and define test steps compatible with checkboxes, comboboxes, and all other fields
  • Use our function Optimizer DeepBacktest to strengthen the accuracy of your results
  • Visualize the performance of your strategies and get robust settings with Auto HeatMap
  • Avoid spending hours manually searching for the best options
  • Identify the best-performing parameters for your indicators and strategies
  • Reduce risks by using tested and optimized parameters
  • Add diversity to your portfolio by discovering new parameters on new instruments
  • Get concrete results with detailed statistics on the performance of tested parameters
  • Export the best settings in CSV format
  • Filter information in export results by Net Profit, Winrate, Drawdown, and more than 50 other export filters


Better with images.

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
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Everybody need help sometimes.

  • Download from your Trading Tech Innovation profile the Optimizer extension
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Open Google Chrome then click on the 3 dots on the right then on "More Tools" then on "Extensions"
  • In the top right corner, activate "Developer mode"
  • Click on "Load unpacked extension" then select the "Chrome Extension" folder you have unzipped and click on "OK"
  • Go to TradingView then click on the Optimizer extension
  • Enter your license and click "Save
  • Refresh the page to activate your Premium account

  • To enable the optimizer, please check "Has Optimizer?"
  • To enable backtest mode please check additionally "Is Backtest?"
  • By default you have the functionality Import and export
  • When you activate a feature, please reload the page

  • Open an indicator or a strategy on TradingView
  • Click on the export button at the bottom of the indicator
  • You can open the parameters with Notepad++ (or other)

  • Open an indicator or a strategy on TradingView
  • Click on the import button and select the file to import (be careful the indicator must be identical to the export file)
  • Click on OK

  • Please activate "Has Optimizer?" then "Save" from the extension then reload the page
  • Open the parameters of your strategy to optimize
  • If you see buttons to activate on the left of each input it means that the optimizer has loaded well
  • Please activate the inputs to Optimizer:
  • For the fields you have to fill in the start number, the end number and the steps to test
  • Once all the inputs you want to optimize are activated, you will see the total number of interactions to complete the optimization of all the possibilities
  • Click on "Play" to start the optimization
  • Attention you must leave the Google Chrome TradingView page open
  • Attention you must have the results of the strategy open in the background before launching the optimization
  • Once finished or if you click on Stop an excel file will be downloaded, you can analyze the best results and sort them by settings
  • Add Deep Backtest optimization:
    - Please activate additionally from the extension "Is Backtest?"
    - Define the dates to be analyzed with the Deep Backtesting function of TradingView
    - Open the settings of your strategy to be optimized
    - Perform the same steps as for the normal optimization
  • Add Heatmap:
    - From the extension settings, select at the bottom of the window the setting in the list that you want to compare in the table (x)
    - Select a second setting to compare with the first one (y)
    - Select the type of result to display on the HeatMap (Profit Factor, Sharpe Ratio etc.)
    - Start the optimization (the optimizer function must be activated), the file will appear at the end of the optimization

    Info: The more red the color, the higher the value

Advices Optimization
  • Optimizations by period to then have solid data to compare in the HeatMap

    Example : First optimization 2020, second 2021, third 2022)
  • Once the HeatMap is generated, it is important to compare a result with the number of trades to select the settings
    The more trades the more robust the solution

    Example : Analyze the Profit Factor HeatMap and then look at the Total Trades HeatMap and compare the results

  • If the optimization or import/export buttons do not appear, please close and reopen the indicator or strategy or refresh the page

Our Performances

Better than words.

ETH results


Annual: 933%
Total: 6536%

ADA results


Annual: 449%
Total: 2249%

BTC results


Annual: 141%
Total: 848%

Our Results

Better than words.

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
AVAX - 83% winrate - Over 265 trades - Backtest since 2020 - 266% Net profit
BTC (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 397 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (short) - 30 min - 73% winrate - Over 180 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 920 trades - Backtest since 2019
FTM (long) - 30 min - 68% winrate - Over 184 trades - Backtest since 2020
TRX (long) - 1 H - 1.25 R - 69% winrate with multi TP - Over 435 trades - Backtest since 2018
EAPropFirm - XAU (long & short) - 1 H - 72% winrate - Over 151 trades - Consolidation period of 5 days
CRV (short) - 30 min - 78% winrate - Over 108 trades - Backtest since 2020
BNB (long) - 30 min - 79% winrate - Over 105 trades - Backtest since 2020
BTC (long) - 15 min - 69% winrate - Over 305 trades - Backtest since 2018
ALGO (short) - 30 MIN - 69% winrate - Over 189 trades - Backtest since 2020
EAPropFirm - 0.5% profit in 1 day
EAPropFirm - 14 consecutive wins
MINA (long & short) - 1 H - 73% winrate - Over 405 trades - 300% Net profit since 2021
CKB - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
BNB (short) - 30 min - 76% winrate - Over 139 trades - Backtest since 2020
NEXO (long & short) - 1 H - 92% winrate - Over 172 trades - Backtest since 2022 - 240% Net profit
EA PropFirm in 24h - 19 wins for 0 lose
ADA (long) - 1 H - 76 Net profit
EAPropFirm - 10% in 1 day
EAPropFirm - 4.9% up in 3 trading days
ETH (long) - 30 min - 72% winrate - Over 112 trades - Backtest since 2019
LINK (long) - 1 H - 78 Net profit
BCH (long) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 132 trades - Backtest since 2019
THETA - 75% winrate - Over 543 trades - Backtest since 2019 - 412% Net profit
QNT (long & short) - 1 H - 78% winrate - Over 208 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 305% Net profit - Only 6% Drawdown
Stablecoin investment strategy to generate safe passive income of over 30% a year
EAPropFirm - 0.78% today, 6% on the account in total
EAPropFirm almost 5% return on initial capital in 3 days - Gold - 1H Timeframe
ETH (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate with multi TP - Over 909 trades - Backtest since 2018
EAPropFirm - Profited 85.6% from ny and Asian session
BTC (long) - 1 H - 1.75 R - 68% winrate - Over 588 trades - Backtest since 2017
ETH (long & short) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 486 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 6500% Net profit
ETH (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 425 trades - Backtest since 2017
EAPropFirm aggressive mode and 5x my investment in 2 days. +400%
TAO - 83% winrate - Over 203 trades - Backtest since 2023 - 232% Net profit
CKB (long & short) - 1 H - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
LINK (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 255 trades - Backtest since 2019
BNB (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 188 trades - Backtest since 2017
BTC (short) - 1 H - 69% winrate - Over 236 trades - Backtest since 2019
VET (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 663 trades - Backtest since 2019
AXS (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 137 trades - Backtest since 2020
ETH (long) - 1 H - 79% winrate - Over 812 trades - Backtest since 2019
XAU (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 124 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 354 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (long) - 1 H - 76% winrate with trailing - Over 213 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (long & short) - 1 H - 74% winrate - Over 271 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 848% Net profit - Equity Mode

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User reviews

TontonWilliams review


Simplicity and Reliability
Their tools are easy to use and reliable, no technical hassle, just well-executed trades

DeborahThomps review


Beginner's Aid
Even as a novice, I found the strategies easy to implement, thanks to tutorials, if used correctly, will boost your results

Blupblup review


Real Success Rates
A 72% success rate over the last 2 months, truly satisfying and will continue with it


All need more history.

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