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MetaConnector detail

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Welcome to our sales page for our new TradingView assistant
We are excited to introduce our innovative tool that makes trading operations easier
Our assistant offers three key features to improve your trading results

  • Integration with Metatrader to allow you to link your Tradingview strategies to Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 to trade automatically
  • You can open and close positions, place a Stop Loss and one or more Take Profit orders automatically, use or not use pyramiding (1 buy AND 1 sell, 1 buy OR 1 sell, OFF), and vary the opening time to make it appear as if it were a manual trade
  • This will save you time and eliminate human errors
  • In summary, our assistant allows you to save time and optimize your trading results with innovative features such as importing and exporting settings, automatic optimizations, and integration with Metatrader
  • Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our offers and how our tool can help you achieve your trading goals
  • On our website, you can learn more about these features, as well as the benefits of our assistant

We also provide screenshots and demonstration videos to show you how to use our tool
You can also contact us for any questions or for more information on our offers and how our tool can help you achieve your trading goals


More than you will expect.

  • Trade automatically by synchronizing your TradingView strategies with Metatrader
  • Instant order execution and real-time synchronization with Metatrader
  • Risk management module = Automated management on Metatrader of Stop Loss and Take Profit according to your TradingView strategies
  • Multi Take Profit management, allows selling multiple volumes per position
  • Manage BreakEven and Trailing TakeProfit trade closes with your strategy's Close Alert TradingView
  • Improve your hedging or position size by using pyramiding or varying the opening time
  • Use the configurable "Sleep" mode that allows setting a random time delay for a manual trade using the opening time variation function
  • Easy integration with Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 for immediate use
  • EA MetaConnector management without DLL = more compatibility with Brokers
  • Sharing of Pinescript integration modules for your TradingView scripts: Open / Close / TP / SL
  • Dedicated technical support for assistance at every stage of tool use


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© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
Metaconnector - Title


Everybody need help sometimes.

  • Download the MetaConnector module from your Trading Tech Innovation profile
  • Open your Metatrader and click on "file" and then on "Open data folder"
  • Click on the "MQL4" or "MQL5" folder and then on the "Experts" folder
  • Paste the MetaConnector file
  • Go back to Metatrader and click on "Tools" then "Options" and "Expert Advisors
  • Check "Allow Algorithm Trading" and "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs
  • Add the following URLs: www.trading-tech-innovation.com then click on "OK
  • Check that the status of the "Trading Algo" button is set to "Play"
  • Bookmark the symbols you want to trade with MetaConnector and attach them to the chart
  • In "Browser" right click on "Expert Advisors" and then on "Refresh
  • MetaConnector will appear then right click on MetaConnector and select "Attach to Chart
  • Enter your license code in the inputs
  • Select your parameters (optional)
  • Click on "OK" and your Metatrader is connected

  • Go to TradingView and select the symbols to test
  • Please make sure that this symbol is bookmarked and on your Metatrader chart before running the test
  • Click on Create an Alert and in "condition" put your symbol then "Greater than" Price "0"
  • Add a title and enter the following message:
    code='your license code', command='open', symbol='your symbol as it appears in Metatrader', direction='buy', volume='0.01', tp_percentage='1', sl_percentage='1'
  • Go to the "Notifications" tab and type as webhook:
  • Click OK, the test position will be opened in Metatrader

  • Go to TradingView and select the symbols to test
  • Please make sure that this symbol is bookmarked and on your Metatrader chart before running the test
  • Click on Create an Alert with the same symbol as at opening
  • Add a title and enter the following message:
    code='your license code', command='close', direction='buy', symbol='your symbol as it appears in Metatrader'
  • Go to the "Notifications" tab and type as webhook:
  • Click OK, the test position will be close in Metatrader

  • One license can only be used on one Metatrader
    /!\ Be careful if you connect several Metatrader with the same license code, you will have the same trade open on all Metatrader
    > If you want to run EA on several Metatrader simultaneously, you will need additional licenses
    Use several license code to trade different instruments on different brokers

 //------------------------------------------------------------// // MetaConnector alerts // //------------------------------------------------------------// metaConnector = input.bool(false, title='Use MetaConnector', group='MetaConnector') mc_id = input.string('', title='  Code', group='MetaConnector') mc_ticker = input.string('', title='  MetaTrader ticker', group='MetaConnector') mc_decal_tp = input.float(0.0, minval=0.0, maxval=100.0, title='  Spread decal TP [0.0-100.0 %]', group='MetaConnector') mc_decal_sl = input.float(0.0, minval=0.0, maxval=100.0, title='  Spread decal SL [0.0-100.0 %]', group='MetaConnector') // code=Code, command=open, direction=buy|sell, symbol=XAUUSD, volume=0.1, tp_percentage=10.0, sl_percentage=5.0 // code=Code, command=close, direction=buy|sell|all, symbol=XAUUSD, volume=0.05 f_createAlertMc(_id, _command, _direction, _quantity, _tp_price, _sl_price, _position_price) => string result = 'code=' + _id + ', command=' + _command + ', direction=' + _direction + ', symbol=' + mc_ticker if _quantity > 0.0 result := result + ', volume=' + str.tostring(_quantity) if _tp_price > 0.0 tp_price_T = math.abs(100 - (_tp_price * 100 / _position_price)) + mc_decal_tp result := result + ', tp_percentage=' + str.tostring(tp_price_T) if _sl_price > 0.0 sl_price_T = math.abs(100 - (_sl_price * 100 / _position_price)) + mc_decal_sl result := result + ', sl_percentage=' + str.tostring(sl_price_T) result 

  • If you have any doubts about the EA's execution, like if the EA has been properly added, if the license is valid, or if the trades are correctly executed, please go to the "Journal" or "Experts" tab in Metatrader and read the history
  • To change the settings of Metaconnector or to restart the EA if it has stopped on Metatrader, either attach the EA to the chart, or right-click on the chart, then click on "Expert Advisors" and "Properties"
    /!\ Make sure to check if your license still appears (make sure you haven't changed it) and click "OK" to confirm
  • Attention, if you change brokers or Metatrader accounts, you need to remove Metaconnector from the chart and then add it again to the new broker or account, providing your license information again

  • 1. Error 4756
    - TP or SL too close to entry price
    - Symbol is not in the list on the left
    - Graphic is not added to the right
    - Insufficient balance to place the order
    - Market Close
  • Warning, sometimes there can be differences between the price on TradingView charts and the one from your broker on Metatrader
    /!\ If you set your TP (Take Profit) and SL (Stop Loss) levels from your TradingView strategy, we recommend adding spread offset levels in percentage (in your strategy) that will be added to your TP or SL on Metatrader when sending the alert
    > This helps avoid any confusion regarding different TP and SL levels
  • Please make sure there are no spaces when copying or pasting the url or license
    > If you are unable to connect Metaconnector, please exit and relaunch Metatrader

Our Performances

Better than words.

NEXO results


Annual: 556%
Total: 1112%

ADA results


Annual: 449%
Total: 2249%

CKB results


Annual: 6316%
Total: 18950%

Our Results

Better than words.

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
BTC (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 397 trades - Backtest since 2019
ADA (long) - 1 H - 76 Net profit
ETH (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 425 trades - Backtest since 2017
EA PropFirm in 24h - 19 wins for 0 lose
BTC (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 920 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (long) - 30 min - 72% winrate - Over 112 trades - Backtest since 2019
ALGO (short) - 30 MIN - 69% winrate - Over 189 trades - Backtest since 2020
EAPropFirm - 0.78% today, 6% on the account in total
ETH (long) - 1 H - 76% winrate with trailing - Over 213 trades - Backtest since 2019
VET (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 663 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate with multi TP - Over 909 trades - Backtest since 2018
EAPropFirm almost 5% return on initial capital in 3 days - Gold - 1H Timeframe
MINA (long & short) - 1 H - 73% winrate - Over 405 trades - 300% Net profit since 2021
ETH (short) - 30 min - 73% winrate - Over 180 trades - Backtest since 2019
BNB (long) - 30 min - 79% winrate - Over 105 trades - Backtest since 2020
NEXO (long & short) - 1 H - 92% winrate - Over 172 trades - Backtest since 2022 - 240% Net profit
FTM (long) - 30 min - 68% winrate - Over 184 trades - Backtest since 2020
BTC (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 354 trades - Backtest since 2019
TAO - 83% winrate - Over 203 trades - Backtest since 2023 - 232% Net profit
EAPropFirm - XAU (long & short) - 1 H - 72% winrate - Over 151 trades - Consolidation period of 5 days
BTC (short) - 1 H - 69% winrate - Over 236 trades - Backtest since 2019
QNT (long & short) - 1 H - 78% winrate - Over 208 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 305% Net profit - Only 6% Drawdown
BCH (long) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 132 trades - Backtest since 2019
XAU (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 124 trades - Backtest since 2019
BNB (short) - 30 min - 76% winrate - Over 139 trades - Backtest since 2020
EAPropFirm - 10% in 1 day
BNB (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 188 trades - Backtest since 2017
LINK (long) - 1 H - 78 Net profit
EAPropFirm - Profited 85.6% from ny and Asian session
BTC (long) - 15 min - 69% winrate - Over 305 trades - Backtest since 2018
TRX (long) - 1 H - 1.25 R - 69% winrate with multi TP - Over 435 trades - Backtest since 2018
BTC (long & short) - 1 H - 74% winrate - Over 271 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 848% Net profit - Equity Mode
CKB - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
CKB (long & short) - 1 H - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
LINK (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 255 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (long) - 1 H - 79% winrate - Over 812 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (long) - 1 H - 1.75 R - 68% winrate - Over 588 trades - Backtest since 2017
EAPropFirm - 4.9% up in 3 trading days
Stablecoin investment strategy to generate safe passive income of over 30% a year
THETA - 75% winrate - Over 543 trades - Backtest since 2019 - 412% Net profit
CRV (short) - 30 min - 78% winrate - Over 108 trades - Backtest since 2020
EAPropFirm aggressive mode and 5x my investment in 2 days. +400%
AXS (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 137 trades - Backtest since 2020
ETH (long & short) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 486 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 6500% Net profit
EAPropFirm - 0.5% profit in 1 day
AVAX - 83% winrate - Over 265 trades - Backtest since 2020 - 266% Net profit
EAPropFirm - 14 consecutive wins

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