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TradingView detail - Indicator

All you need to discover and use it.

Trading Tech Innovation Indicator Algo is a powerful Buy and Sell indicator designed for traders of all levels
The process is simple and easy

  • Compatible with a variety of instruments, including Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, and Forex, the Trading Tech Innovation indicator can be used on any timeframe
  • This intelligent tool accurately identifies opportune moments to buy, sell, as well as Strong Buy and Strong Sell zones
  • Trading Tech Innovation Indicator Algo offers advanced features with customizable filters and settings to refine results and optimize entry points
  • Buy and Sell Signals: The indicator offers two modes that can be combined or used individually, generating clear buy and sell signals that are customizable

The Trading Tech Innovation Indicator Algo is more than just a trading indicator
It's a comprehensive tool that combines the power of technical analysis with the flexibility of automation
Whether you're a beginner trader looking to simplify your decisions or an experienced professional seeking to fine-tune your strategy, Trading Tech Innovation Indicator Algo is designed to meet your needs
It offers unparalleled accuracy and the potential to maximize your trading opportunities
With Trading Tech Innovation, you can trade with confidence and optimize your results


More than you will expect.

  • Strong Buy and Strong Sell: Identifies Strong Buy and Strong Sell moments for even more profitable trading opportunities
  • Multi-Instrument Compatibility: Works with a wide range of financial instruments, allowing you to diversify your portfolio
  • Timeframe Adaptability: Usable on all timeframes, from the shortest to the longest, to match your trading preferences
  • Precision Filters: Built-in filters allow you to customize signals according to your trading strategy, start activating filters and adjusting settings now
  • Automation: Compatible with alert connectors, giving you the ability to automate position openings on crypto exchanges and MetaTrader brokers via Metaconnector
  • Improve your trading and gain confidence with Trading Tech Innovation


Better with images.

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
Tradingview - Indicator


Everybody need help sometimes.

  • Use Alerts and Metaconnector to connect your indicator to platforms (refer to Metaconnector and Finandy Binance tutorials for making connections)
  • Use Dynamic Order Size to set the amount in $ you want to bet
  • You can enable the ratio to divide the Tradingview quantity according to your Broker's coefficient (from the instrument specifications)
  • Enable or disable trading days with Trade Session – Week Days
  • Use the "Events" function to block trade openings during economic events
  • Enable one or more filters and change the settings to refine your Long and Short position entries
  • Use Multi TimeFrame to refine entry points
  • Define entry conditions based on intra-Bar analysis: Tip: use All mode or "Close/Close Prev" mode
  • Enable Reverse Mode and set the % of auto position change
  • Enable Force after Session or Filter Block to force openings after a condition restriction

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 1 Long
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 1 Short
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 2 Long Short
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 3
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 4
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 5 Long
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 5 Short
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 6
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 7
Tradingview - Method 2 - Step 8

  • Binance connection : You can connect and trade with your binance Spot or Future account via the API section at https://docs.finandy.com/exchange/binance/api-key
  • Create an account on Finandy then follow the screens below
    Info: the volume is calculated with the leverage = you must put the total volume: example $10,000 in the volume with a leverage of 10 = real bet of $1000
    In method 1, the close tab must be deactivated
    If you use the dynamic order size you must select "Strategy" instead of "Volume" = will automatically set the strategy volume from TradingView
  • Click on the "Signals" tab
  • Click on the icon "+" on the left of the screen, Then set the Left part concerning the Tickers etc. (Please take example on the picture but change the symbol according to your symbol that you trade with our script (To check the name of the Symbol please look at the name of the Pair on Finandy : example : ETHUSDT)
    WARNING : Put "Strategy" for an Automatic definition of a Long or Short Signal
  • Set the "Open" part like the picture (If you want to use the TradingView amount change Volume by Strategy Amount, and if you change the leverage, it is included in the total)
    Strategy amount: example: On the TradingView script you have entered a max amount of 1000 euros and on Finandy you have put 10 in leverage = you will bet 100 euros)
  • Please define the "Position Side" = "Long Only" if you set a Long Signal or "Short Only" if you set a Short Signal "SL"
  • Set the "Close" part as picture
  • Please note that we separate in this example the Long from the Short = we create a Signal for the Long and another for the Short
  • Copy the code and save your Finandy Signal
  • Paste the code into the TradingView Script in the "Long entry" and "Long exit" fields (If you are obviously setting up a Long strategy, if it is a Short then paste the code into "Short entry" and "Short exit")
  • Go back to Finandy and copy the Webhook address of the Signal (don't forget to activate your Signal on Finandy)
  • On Tradingview : Create a new Alert, Add the message "{{strategy.order.alert_message}}" Put a Name
  • Select the Script, go to "Notification", Check WebHook URL, then paste the Webhook address of the Finandy Signal
  • Press "Create" and you're done

  • If You Want to Optimize Your Own Strategy with Our Algos
    - To optimize a strategy, it's essential to consider some key information
    - Avoid Overfitting = You shouldn't achieve good results over a global period by applying filters
    - To avoid overfitting: Use our Chrome Extension Optimizer and utilize the HeatMap option
    - Then, break down your optimizations by year using the "Backtest Date Range" with the same variations of values in the inputs
    - Example: First Optimization 2020, Second Optimization 2021, etc.
    - Begin by optimizing only the setting fields of the selected "Entry Mode"
    - The HeatMap option allows you to compare two input fields and see the values that yield the best results (this can be based on Profit Factor, Sharpe Ratio, etc.)
    - We recommend analyzing the Profit Factor first
    - Once optimizations are done for different periods, you should look at the inputs that give the best results across all the different periods
    - Then you can do the same with an activated filter and optimize your best settings one filter at a time per year (and only vary the filter values, not the entry mode)
    - Please be cautious with each filter application, if possible, backtest your new results

  • - No Data
    If you enable the trailing stop, you must set the percentage level of the gap for your trailing stop when the price hits the Take Profit
    Please switch between different Timeframes and back to the one specified in the strategy and wait for loading
    Repeat the operation until you see the strategy
  • - If you don't have the same results ?
    Please check the information you have when selecting the strategy:
    - Symbol (example: USDT.P, XAUUSD, etc.)
    - The source (Binance, Oanda, etc.)
    - Timeframe (1 hour, 30 minutes, etc.)
    Please note that over time the results may vary

Our Performances

Better than words.

ETH results


Annual: 933%
Total: 6536%

ADA results


Annual: 449%
Total: 2249%

RNDR results


Annual: 664%
Total: 1993%

Our Results

Better than words.

© 2024 Trading Tech Innovation
ETH (long) - 30 min - 72% winrate - Over 112 trades - Backtest since 2019
XAU (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 124 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (long) - 15 min - 69% winrate - Over 305 trades - Backtest since 2018
QNT (long & short) - 1 H - 78% winrate - Over 208 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 305% Net profit - Only 6% Drawdown
EAPropFirm aggressive mode and 5x my investment in 2 days. +400%
VET (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 663 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (short) - 1 H - 69% winrate - Over 236 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate with multi TP - Over 909 trades - Backtest since 2018
BNB (long) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 188 trades - Backtest since 2017
BCH (long) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 132 trades - Backtest since 2019
ADA (long) - 1 H - 76 Net profit
EAPropFirm - 0.78% today, 6% on the account in total
BTC (long & short) - 1 H - 74% winrate - Over 271 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 848% Net profit - Equity Mode
BTC (short) - 1 H - 70% winrate - Over 397 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (long & short) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 486 trades - Backtest since 2017 - 6500% Net profit
EAPropFirm - 4.9% up in 3 trading days
AVAX - 83% winrate - Over 265 trades - Backtest since 2020 - 266% Net profit
EAPropFirm - 0.5% profit in 1 day
EAPropFirm almost 5% return on initial capital in 3 days - Gold - 1H Timeframe
THETA - 75% winrate - Over 543 trades - Backtest since 2019 - 412% Net profit
EAPropFirm - 14 consecutive wins
NEXO (long & short) - 1 H - 92% winrate - Over 172 trades - Backtest since 2022 - 240% Net profit
ALGO (short) - 30 MIN - 69% winrate - Over 189 trades - Backtest since 2020
BTC (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 354 trades - Backtest since 2019
EA PropFirm in 24h - 19 wins for 0 lose
Stablecoin investment strategy to generate safe passive income of over 30% a year
AXS (short) - 30 min - 70% winrate - Over 137 trades - Backtest since 2020
BNB (short) - 30 min - 76% winrate - Over 139 trades - Backtest since 2020
EAPropFirm - XAU (long & short) - 1 H - 72% winrate - Over 151 trades - Consolidation period of 5 days
CRV (short) - 30 min - 78% winrate - Over 108 trades - Backtest since 2020
TRX (long) - 1 H - 1.25 R - 69% winrate with multi TP - Over 435 trades - Backtest since 2018
BNB (long) - 30 min - 79% winrate - Over 105 trades - Backtest since 2020
ETH (long) - 1 H - 76% winrate with trailing - Over 213 trades - Backtest since 2019
EAPropFirm - Profited 85.6% from ny and Asian session
TAO - 83% winrate - Over 203 trades - Backtest since 2023 - 232% Net profit
CKB (long & short) - 1 H - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
LINK (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 255 trades - Backtest since 2019
BTC (long) - 1 H - 75% winrate - Over 920 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (short) - 30 min - 73% winrate - Over 180 trades - Backtest since 2019
ETH (long) - 1 H - 68% winrate - Over 425 trades - Backtest since 2017
LINK (long) - 1 H - 78 Net profit
MINA (long & short) - 1 H - 73% winrate - Over 405 trades - 300% Net profit since 2021
EAPropFirm - 10% in 1 day
BTC (long) - 1 H - 1.75 R - 68% winrate - Over 588 trades - Backtest since 2017
FTM (long) - 30 min - 68% winrate - Over 184 trades - Backtest since 2020
CKB - 80% winrate - Over 673 trades - Backtest since 2021 - 531% Net profit
ETH (long) - 1 H - 79% winrate - Over 812 trades - Backtest since 2019

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Well, their Expert Advisor is really killing it

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The Metatrader EA is incredibly powerful, +10% in 5 days on my total capital, unbelievable

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Risk Management
More relaxed protecting my capital, their risk management tools are invaluable in volatile markets


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